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Skate Rollerskis can cover about 95% of what needs to be accomplished on rollerskis and should be the first choice for rollerskis if you have to choose one technique over the other.  Skate Rollerskis allow you to skate and double-pole, which basically covers what most skiers need to do in the summer.
Narrow, larger-diameter wheels create a more realistic skiing experience and absorb road noise.  Solid wheels tend to be more reliable while pneumatic tires open up rough roads and trails to rollerskiing but add a little bulk and the possibility of flats.
We can special order any V2 rollerski, so in addition to the rollerskis we stock here, we can get any other V2 product or accessory.  Just call us for more info.
V2 XL150S Rollerskis
Price: $349.00
Fischer Carbonlite Skate Rollerski
Regular Price: $369.95
On Sale Now: $359.95