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Guru Wax is a niche brand from Sweden that produces an incredible line of kick waxes and klisters. We discovered these when some of Euro wax techs brought this over when we were racing in the early 2000's. BNS tracked down the company - located in a garage in Sweden - and began importing Guru in 2009. With huge growth in North America since then, the Guruwax brand has quickly moved from niche to mainstream based solely on performance and word of mouth.

Every piece in the line is strong, but the true standouts are:
  • Guru Green Hard Wax - for all snow types, but especially older snow. Provides amazing speed with super-solid grip.
  • Guru Red Hard Wax - fast and with a broad range in those tricky conditions around freezing. Guru Red is fast and solid where other waxes ice or are slippery.
  • Guru Hallgeir Extreme - Great for aggressive snow. Extremely durable and fast with solid grip in tough conditions.
  • Guru Super Hallgeir - a colder version of Hallgeir Extreme for aggressive and manmade snow in colder conditions.
  • Guru Green Klister - an excellent base layer or durable cold klister with solid grip.
  • Guru Violet Klister - a strong range and great kick and speed for a violet klister.
  • Guru Red Klister - Broad range in transforming, wet snow with great speed.
  • Guru Extreme 39 Klister - One of the best "universal" klisters with a range around freezing. Solid kick and very free. This is the gem of the klister line. Everyone needs this klister. Excellent covered with Hallgeir Extreme.
  • Guru Extreme 39 Hard Klister - A colder, harder version of Extreme 39. Can be used as a base layer or covered with Hallgeir Extreme for aggressive snow.