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Stonegrinding Batch Scheduling Update



Get your skis in now for stonegrinding service so they are ready for the season!

Stonegrinding removes sealed base material that is preventing wax absorption and reducing the durability of your wax. The process flattens your skis so they are easier to wax and easier to scrape without any high or low spots. Additionally, stonegrinding puts a high-performance racing structure on the ski that will be ideally suited for the ski's flex and your regional skiing conditions.

All of our stonegrinding is done in Minneapolis in batches. We first flatten the ski, then polish the surface, and finally lay down a condition-specific structure. Batches generally run weekly, beginning on Monday and finishing up on Fridays.

After grinding, we put our skis through a post-grind process that removes the emulsion leftover from the grinding process and gets them ready for waxing. We recommend hot box service following a stonegrind. New and freshly-stoneground skis that do not have wax in them are susceptible to the high temperatures from wax irons, and the hot box is the best way to get wax into your ski without damage from iron overheating. We first do a layer of soft wax which fully saturates the base, followed by an additional layer of low fluor blue to harden the bases. You receive them ready to scrape, brush, and ski!

Our grinding schedule is mapped out below. We start the batches at the Midwest store on Mondays and skis are ready to pick up in-store in after hotboxing that Friday afternoon. We need skis dropped off in Minneapolis on Monday to make that week's batch. If you ship your skis to us, we will start them the first Monday we have them and ship them out the following Monday. Call the Midwest shop 952-303-5683 with any specific grind questions!  For those dropping skis off at other BNS locations, please call to check on the cutoff date to drop your skis.



December 10-14

December 17th

December 17-21

December 26th

Break for US Nationals January 3 - 8

Break for US Nationals January 3 - 8

January 14-18

January 21st

January 21-25

January 28th

January 28-February 1

February 4th

February 4-8

February 11th (*this is the last batch if you want skis shipped back to you for the Birkie*)

February 11 - 15

February 18th

Break for the Birkie

February 18 - 22

Break for the Birkie

February 25-March 1

March 4 (This is the last batch for Junior Nationals in-store pickup in Minneapolis)

*Target completion date does not include shipping from BNS Midwest to pickup locations.